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The Little MINION Army is Stopping by MINISO!

Bello, our beloved MiniFriends!

BANANA ALERT! Minions is MARCHing into our online site today, and the rest of the Minion Army will be coming to stores next week!

Who would hate these little cuties? For their visit this time, they are bringing us a lot of BAntastic gifts: a Banana Bucket hat to prepare us for the warm sun coming in Spring time, a little Minion-disguised case to dress up our airpod cases, and also… If you are a fan of little Bob, Phil and Carl, these little buddies volunteer to travel around with us as luggage tags. Bob specifically, being a bit sneaky, wants to stay with us everyday as a… take a guess!

One more B-urprise for all you Minion lovers, we will be hosting a little challenge for you guys online, launching March 10th. If you succeed in this MINI-challenge, you can win an online store credit for our Online MINISO Shopping site! So stay tuned with our online site, and our Banana Alerts on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t miss out!

A little hint to this challenge: Wipe your glasses or have eye drops ready, as you will definitely need to focus… (That’s all I have to say. BA-ha-ha-ha) 


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