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Looking for fun, useful and quality products, but tired of paying premium prices? Welcome to MINISO New Zealand! Bring home the award-winning and trendy designs with you! With more than 5000 stores open across the world, MINISO is dedicated to continuously creating joyful and high-quality life experiences for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world.

Affordable, Joy, Lighthearted

MINISO is based on three core principles. Affordable high quality: guides our decisions from design to materials. Joy: the response our customers experience while in our stores. Lighthearted: the relaxed and happy feeling when encountering the large variety of goods available.

Life is For Fun

MINISO has collaborated with world-famous brands including Coca Cola, Marvel, Hello Kitty, Sesame Street, Mickey and Minnie, Pink Panther, We Bare Bears and Beijing’s Palace Museum, releasing playful crossover products that have been hugely popular with our young shoppers.

MINISO Design Team


Permafrost is a Norwegian design studio founded by four industrial designs: Andreas Murray, Eivind Halseth, Oskar
Johansen and Tore Vinje Brustad. We all graduated from the Oslo School of Architecture.
Our design philosophy is all about creating consumer products that are user friendly,
simple and safe, with just enough personality to make them stand out. We believe this philosophy can be applied to almost any kind of product.


Helsinki based Pentagon Design is a holistic conception agency. We focus on refining
products, services and environments people use every day. We contribute towards

building a better future through sustainable growth and design.

Our integrated approach has made us one of the leading Nordic design consultancies, and our work has been recognized with prizes such as the iF Product Design, red dot, and Design Plus awards. In year 2012 Pentagon Design was awarded the State Prize for Design.


We combine the best elements of customer understanding and creative design. Aivan is one of the leading and most versatile Nordic design agencies.
Our team of multi-disciplinary designers, engineers and business developers have extensive experience from hundreds of successful brand and product development projects.


KAIQI HUANG is a young designer. With passion and curiosity for life, she hopes to incorporate her insights and perceptions into her works.
She focuses on the impact and renewal of people’s lifestyle changes on products, hoping to make products that keep pace with the times and are full of vitality, which can bring people a pleasant experience or profound thinking.


Javier Moreno
Industrial Designer, Creative Director and consultant
| CEO at Bambú Studio.
“Design should be something that matters. To date, everything is becoming immaterial and increasingly virtual, but our lives are inseparable from our material needs, hence designs have to be functionally fit for their purposes and also aesthetically pleasing. I like being meticulous and in the design process I try to get the most out of everything by employing the
least resources.”


Sander Lucas and Marijke Lucas are both graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven. Sander works for his own collection, designs and exhibitions (for i.e. Design Academy Eindhoven and the Technical University of
Eindhoven) and coaches student designer.
Marijke was a senior graphic designer at ELLE Decoration for a considerable period of time: ‘Although I loved my job, at the end of 2012 I felt it was time
for a change, so I decided to start a new business with my favorite designer Sander Lucas, who also happened to be my husband.


BOUD We design what you need. We design that is easy, clear and witty. Focus on the core functionality and implement a clear design.
We design witty with unexpected material or creative thinking. We are a design studio based out of SEOUL


found/Founded is a design studio based in Seoul. Our work includes product design, graphic design, identities, publications, exhibitions, packaging, and UX.

We suggest design products that can contain reasonable strategy and sentimental values through the diverse views and expansion of the thoughts which arise from blending different areas of design.


Life Studio introduction: in September 2011, the institute of industrial design officially introduced its studio training course, with 7 industrial esign
directions and workshops, and the lifestyle design studio was one of them.


ZAN DESIGN adheres to the design philosophy of “believing that good DESIGN doesn’t necessarily change lives, but bad DESIGN can ruin the fun of life.”, and constantly explores the boundaries of design. It is believed that good design should not be limited to functionality.

Good design is the presentation of design ideas and lifestyle, satisfying people’s life.


Located in Shanghai, Hoii design is an integrated design firm, providing clients with a wide range of design services, including commercial space design, brand recognition system design, installation art, furniture and product design.

We take “how to design”, “why to design” and “what if” as the design starting points, and through the research of market, cultural background and materials, we combine multiple design methods to create unique design scheme for customers. The core members of the team are from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and have won the German Red Dot Design Award. They have worked on projects that have displayed at world-class exhibitions, including London Design Week and the Cologne Furniture Fair, etc.


Design Awards

MINISO has partnered with some of the best product designers from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and South Korea to create top-quality and creative products, winning the brand 28 international design awards, such as the iF Product Design Award, Red Dot Award and A’ Design Award.

“Water Cube” water bottle

iF Design Award

It is said that the design of the “Water Cube” series is inspired by the natural form of bubbles. The foam texture on the silicone cover is the symbol of the cup. The bottle is made of glass, and the outer silicone cover can prevent being scalded and improve the safety, so that consumers can use it safely.

Portable Sticking Device

iF Design Award

For those who focus on the details in life, an easy-to-use portable lint roller is indispensable. The simple but useful portable sticking device with beautiful appearance adopts the innovative spring mechanical structure to embody the pushing-type design, which not only makes the operation convenient, but also optimizes storage space.

Red Dot Award
The fan has a unique u-shaped bracket, which is different from the traditional hand-held fan design. The U-shaped fan is easy to use, and the u-shaped handle has multi-functions, which can be used as a hook. When folded at 45 degrees, the U-fan can be placed on a desktop to meet various users’ needs.
The Wave Pencil Box

iF Design Award

The wave-shape pencil box is a new design of pencil box, which adds some aesthetic patterns to the lid of the pencil box. People may have one or two pens that are often used, which do not need to be put into the pencil box every time. When we put these pens down momentarily, the decorative pattern becomes the most appropriate place. This design improves the storage use of the pencil box.

The Filter Storage Box

iF Design Award

Sometimes we will put some small things on a plate or in a box, and may automatically take the keys and change out of our pockets and throw them into the plate or box. When you drop your belongings into a plate or a box, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that there is a coin slot at the bottom of the box that can hold your scattered
The Wave Book
Red Dot Design Award
The cover of this notebook is an undulating wave design, with visual and tactile unique experience and high recognition. The undulating waves can also provide a suitable placement for pens when writing.
Kendama Gel Pen

iF Design Award

The inspiration for this design comes from Japanese traditional cup-and-ball game-Kendama, bringing all of us back to childhood days. Pen cap is connected to the pen through an elastic spring making it difficult to separate and get lost.

Design Awards

MINISO has partnered with some of the best product designers from Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, and South Korea to create top-quality and creative products, winning the brand 28 international design awards, such as the iF Product Design Award, Red Dot Award and A’ Design Award.

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